A Custom Saddle?Desoto Saddle

Do you or your horse have any of these symptoms?

  • Is your current saddle causing pressure points on your horse’s back?
  • Does your horse have chronic leg or back problems?
  • Is your horse developing a bad attitude about riding?
  • Does your horse give you the “evil eye” when you tighten the girth?
  • Does your saddle’s girth rub behind the elbow?
  • Does your saddle crawl up on the horse’s withers?
  • Do you have difficulty mounting without the saddle slipping?
  • Do you experience ankle, knee, or back pain when you ride?
  • Do you feel insecure in the saddle?
  • Does your horse shorten his gait when being ridden?
  • A custom saddle may be in your future!

Read our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to learn about how these symptoms can be alleviated by a custom saddle designed especially for you and your horse by Desoto Custom Saddlery!